The information I’ve written on my portfolio can also be found on the UAGIS website – my SSOT index for Purdue University unmanned aviators.

The Goal

I built the UAGIS project with the goal of enabling aspiring aviators to have a single-source of truth index to reference before taking a drone into the field to ensure they are part 107 compliant and following the rules and guidelines set by the university. UAGIS aims to be the unmanned aviator’s guide to sucessfully performing an operation. This project was initially kickstarted due to a need for a SSOT for UAS and GIS operations for non-UAS major pilots who need to conduct an aerial mission.

Like the idea?

Help build it. Shoot me an email if you’re intrigued. I’m primarily looking for partners passionate and interested in building this index to save Purdue faculty tasked with monitoring the operations a headache by means of giving the information aspiring Purdue aviators need to conduct their mission.